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All ICAN Organisation Members are force-free and welfare-minded. Prior to being accepted as an ICAN member organization, they are vetted by the ICAN team to determine that their practices, education, accreditations, and methodologies meet our ethos. All ICAN Organisation Members have unlimited reward-based and welfare-focused members that they can add to our Directory!

Learn more about our ICAN Organisation Members- how they help and create awareness on various species across the world. Such as our founding organization members The Association of INTODOGsCABTi (COAPE Association of Behaviourists and Trainers International), and The Dog Welfare Alliance.



If you are interested for your organisation to be an ICAN member contact us today- click here for our Contact page or email us directly at ican.coordinators@gmail.com

Check out some of our members and their animals in the collage below.

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Check out ICAN Organization Members at the directory below.

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