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Code of Conduct

  • All ICAN members will be courteous and treat all others with respect.

  • ICAN Members core values will be animal welfare and integrity

  • ICAN members recognise that all animals are sentient beings with emotions

  • ICAN Members will recognise that an animal’s physical and mental well-being is paramount

  • ICAN members will never use prong collars, electric shock or spray collars, rattle cans, intimidation and /or physical force

  • ICAN members will only use and promote force-free methods

  • Any members not following the code of conduct may be removed from ICAN and have their membership revoked

Anti-Bullying Policy

Harassment & Anti-Bullying Policies



  • Harassment is unwanted behaviour which you find offensive or which makes you feel intimidated or humiliated.
  • Unwanted behaviour could be: spoken or written words or abuse, offensive emailstweets or comments on social networking sites.



  • Bullying is usually defined as repeated behaviour which is intended to hurt someone either emotionally or physically.
  • Bullying can take many forms including physical assault, teasing, making threats, name calling or cyber bullying


ICAN's aims and objectives include to demonstrate a new dynamic of unity and democracy in our profession. ICAN recognises that all members have a right to be in an environment in which the dignity of individuals is respected and which is free from harassment and bullying. It is committed to eliminating intimidation in any form.


  • Every member has a personal responsibility NOT to harass or bully other members.
  • Members will support and offer support to other members regardless of their qualifications and experience.
  • Members will not make derogatory comments about another member.
  • Members will not leave negative comments on another members post.

Individual members should report any harrassment or bullying to the ICAN Coordinators

The Anti-Bullying Policy applies to all members of ICAN
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